35mm Photos From Around The World (mostly)

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The itineraries above are from http://southrim1.blogspot.com/
Bali, Indonesia - 1971 October
Capetown, SA - 1971 November
Casablanca, Morocco - 1970 May
Casablanca, Morocco - 1972 February
Darwin, Aus - 1971 October
Hawaii - 1971 September
Hong Kong - 1970 March
Hong Kong - 1972 April
Japan (Kobe,Tokyo) - 1972 May
Las Palmas, Canary Islands - 1971 December
Lisbon, Portugal - 1970 May
Luanda, Angola - 1972 March
Mombasa, Kenya - 1970 April
Mombasa, Kenya - Tanzania - 1971 November
Mombasa, Kenya - 1971 November
Nairobi, Kenya - 1972 March
New York Arrival - 1970 May
Pago Pago - 1971 September
Papua, New Guinea - 1971 September
Singapore - 1970 March
Cheryl Marie Shain - 1971 Fall, 1972 Spring
Susan Angela McConnell - 1970 Spring
Ted Ancona - 1970 Spring

The History Of SS Universe Campus

Tree-climbing Lions At Lake Manyara

Adventures With John Grand

"Practical Joke" Trip to Europe

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Note: SSUC = SS Universe Campus - the joke is obvious LOL
The History Of SS Universe Campus

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Bali, Indonesia - 1971 Oct 10

At the time, I thought Bali was the most beautiful, greenest place on the face of our planet.
Pic #10 hints at it - too bad it was taken on a hazy day.

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Capetown, South Africa - 1971 November 23

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Casablanca, Morocco - 1970 May 12

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Casablanca, Morocco - 1972 February 12

One of the highlights here was taking a daylong round trip on a train so we could all sing "Don't you know we're riding on the Marrakesh Express".
The first 3 pics are of the Express right before departure - the rest are from the countryside back and forth from Casablanca to Marrakesh, and the Atlas Mountains in the distance from Marrakesh.

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Darwin, Australia - 1971 October 5

Visiting Darwin and claiming you've seen Australia is like visiting Barstow, CA and claiming you've seen the USA.

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Hawaii - 1971 September 10

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Hong Kong - 1970 March 3

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Hong Kong - 1972 April 24

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Japan (Kobe,Tokyo) - 1972 May 3-10

The McDonald's photos are of the first McDonald's in Japan - located on Tokyo's Ginza Strip.
Last year, my sister reported that location is no longer there.
Investopedia.com reports there are 2,909 other Japanese locations in 2020.

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Las Palmas, Canary Islands - 1971 December 14

We originally weren't supposed to go here at all. Our Casablanca destination was replaced after SSUC ran into the dock at Freetown, Sierra Leone and put a big hole in her bow. It looked big enough to walk through. We were stuck there for several days while they welded the bow back together - not the best of places to be stuck in. It was hot & humid, lotsa skeeters, nothing interesting to do there, the place was filthy, etc. Somewhere I have a pic of the hole in the bow.

That's why the bow in these pics looks freshly painted - it was. The first few pics show them painting the anchors and chain to match. There are two vertical patch plates at the waterline.

The last few pics on this roll were from our arrival in NY.

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Lisbon, Portugal - 1970 May 17

These were taken with a Kodak Instamatic 126 - hence the square frame shape.

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Luanda, Angola - 1972 March 1

The first few pics are of one of the many student-produced shows produced throughout the semester.

The fort pictured herein is Fortaleza de São Miguel (St. Michael Fortress). The fort was built in 1576 by Paulo Dias de Novais (a fidalgo of the Royal Household), a Portuguese colonizer of Africa in the 16th century and the first Captain-Governor of Portuguese Angola. He was the grandson of the explorer Bartolomeu Dias. Novais arrived in what is now Angola on 11 February 1575. It became the administrative center of the colony in 1627 and was a major outlet for slave traffic to Brazil. The fort was for many years a self-contained town protected by thick walls encrusted with cannons.

The statue is of Diogo Cão (anglicised as Diogo Cam and also known as Diego Cam), a Portuguese explorer and one of the most notable navigators of the Age of Discovery. Cão was the first European to discover the mouth of the Congo River (August 1482). There he set up a stone pillar to mark Portuguese overlordship of the area.

I have no idea what a "unicorn vehicle" is, but they apparently have unicorns in Angola. I didn't see any.

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Mombasa, Kenya -> Tanzania - 1970 April 8

This was my first time to/through Mombasa. It's the gateway to East Africa safari adventure. Olduvai Gorge, the Serengeti Plains, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Arusha National Park, and Mt. Kilimanjaro are all mostly west of Mombasa in Tanzania, where the action is. I was on a school-sponsored safari (in buses). We transferred to Land Rovers at selected locations, such as down in the Crater.

Some of the photos are from a Kodak Instamatic 126 (square frames), and some taken with the Minolta SRT-101 I'd acquired in Japan.

I'm guessing the bottom board on the "TANZANIA" sign originally said "TANGANYIKA" before 1964. The paint looks newer than the top part. It would have been repainted/replaced when Tanganyika and Zanzibar messily merged to form Tanzania.

The giant tusks in this 1st pic are still there on Moi Avenue.

Hooves on the Serengeti Plains

Lions in Ngorogoro Crater


Lake Manyara, thousands of flamingos, also tree-climbing lions (see below)

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Olduvai Gorge

The plaque shows where the Leakeys discovered Zinjanthropus in 1959

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Mombasa, Kenya -> Tanzania - 1971 November 7

Roll #1 (Ektachrome)

This was the 2nd time I'd been to/through Mombasa. Once again I was on a school-sponsored safari (in buses). These were shot in the heart of safari country - a lot of it down in Ngorongoro Crater.

At Lake Manyara National Park, lady lions spend a lotta time sleeping in trees.

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Mombasa, Kenya - 1971 Nov 7

Roll #2 (Kodachrome)

This roll was shot heading back to Mombasa - eastbound starting at Olduvai in Tanzania, back into Kenya to Voi and right on Hwy A109 to Mombasa.

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Nairobi, Kenya - 1972 March 16

Decided to do something different this time in East Africa. SSUC docked at Mombasa as usual. The last coupla times I'd been there, I'd gone on school-organized safaris west into Tanzania. This time we decided to head more northwest to Nairobi. So we used the Rift Valley Peugeot Service (DBA Mombasa Peugeot Service, Ltd.) to get there (see receipt below). It was about 300 miles with 7 of us stuffed into a tiny Peugeot station wagon. I was in back on top of a pile of duffel bags.

Upon arrival in Nairobi, Cheryl & I got Room 714 at the Hilton, and rented a car. We spent our time driving around the area, had lunch one day at The Equator Inn, and visited Nairobi National Park. At a local theater, we took in "Guns Of The Magnificent Seven" starring George Kennedy!!! as "Chris". I saved my ticket stub for decades and then one day tried to laminate it. Alas, it had been printed on thermal stock and was ruined. So I now have a totally black piece of laminated cardboard :(

I also got a parking ticket in Nairobi the night of March 20-21. I was due in court 9 a.m. April 3, but by that time I'd escaped to Madras, India. Have been waiting ever since for them to extradite. They got my DL# wrong on the ticket, so maybe that was it.

Around this time, I was hobbling around with a sprained left ankle (from basketball). Somewhere I have a slide of Cheryl and me in a rickshaw - I'm wearing a boot holding a crutch. Really hope I can rediscover the pic.

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New York Arrival - 1970 May 27

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Pago Pago, American Samoa - 1971 September 20

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Port Moresby, Papua, New Guinea - 1971 September 30

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Singapore - 1970 March 15


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Cheryl Marie Shain - 1971 Fall, 1972 Spring

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Susan Angela McConnell - 1970 Spring

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Ted Ancona - 1970 Spring

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The History Of SS Universe Campus

The RMS Queen Elizabeth & C.Y. Tung Backstory

- the ship we were SUPPOSED to be on Fall 1971.

The RMS Queen Elizabeth crossed the Atlantic Ocean for the last time on 5 November 1968 before it was sold to a group of Philadelphia businessmen whose plan was to turn it into a tourist attraction in Port Everglades, Florida.

Only two years later, the ship was deemed a fire hazard and was closed down by the local authorities. Hong Kong businessman Tung Chao Yung, who wanted to convert her into a floating university purchased the RMS Queen Elizabeth at auction in 1970.

Mr. Tung renamed the ship to Seawise University and sent it to Hong Kong Harbor to be repaired. The original interiors were removed and new machinery was added but just before it was completed a fire broke out. It quickly spread everywhere and although many fireboats did eventually arrive and worked hard for 24 hours in order to extinguish the flames but there was nothing they could do and the ship was completely destroyed.

Mr. Tung kept his commitment, and purchased another ship for the program. He needed a ship that would need little work done to it to operate, and found the SS Atlantic which had been in mothballs for 4 years. Externally she received a funnel extension; her funnel was painted yellow with the traditional C.Y. Tung/Orient Overseas Line red Lotus flower emblem. That ship was christened the SS Universe Campus and would sail for many years to come.

The SS Universe Campus departed on her first cruise on September 4, 1971.

It was truly a shakedown cruise, since 4 years with no maintenance had taken its toll. The A/C wasn't working for the first week and finally got fixed in Honolulu, our first port. Some engine repairs were also done there. Throughout the cruise, pipes were constantly breaking/leaking, there were minor electrical failures and a coupla minor fires.

Afterwards, she had a very successful career for the next 20 years plying the world. In 1976, SS Universe Campus was renamed SS Universe. By 1989, she had carried more than 20,000 students.

While sailing as a university at sea, it would be during the summer months she would operate cruises to Alaska for vacationing passengers but always with an emphasis on education regarding the environment.


SS Atlantic / SS Universe Campus

SS Atlantic was an American-built vessel that operated for 42 years in various capacities. First designated SS Badger Mariner, she was originally built as a freighter in 1953. SS Badger Mariner was built as a 9,214 gross ton cargo ship.

In 1958 she was sold to the American Banner Lines. Upon acquiring the SS Badger Mariner in 1958, the American Banner Lines undertook an extensive conversion, turning the ship into a medium-sized passenger liner. This work took place at the Ingalls Ship Building Corporation at Pascagoula, Mississippi. Following this conversion, the linear dimensions of the ship remained the same. However, with the addition of passenger decks, her gross tonnage increased to 14,138.

She was renamed SS Atlantic. The conversion successfully masked the ship's origins as a freighter, and gave her a modern, well-proportioned, though slightly-boxy profile. Overall, her appearance was in keeping with other passenger vessels designed and built in the late 1950s and early 1960s. She sported a black hull with a white strip at the base of the superstructure, the lower deck of which retained the black coloration of the hull. Her upper superstructure was white and was topped by a squat blue funnel.

She featured glass-enclosed promenades, running most of the length of both sides of the promenade deck, and spacious public rooms. On June 11, 1958, SS Atlantic departed on her maiden voyage. While under the American Banner Lines flag, she ran between New York, Antwerp, and Amsterdam. This service did not return the expected profit, and the vessel was again placed on the market in 1959.

SS Atlantic was soon acquired by the American Export Lines. An extensive refit, completed in May, 1960, boosted her size to 18,100 gross tons. She was turned into a warm-weather cruise ship, catering primarily to tourist class passengers. She was equipped with a large outdoor pool and was given an all white hull and superstructure. Her funnel, in keeping with the American Export Lines livery, was marked by black, white, and buff stripes. She could accommodate 880 passengers, 40 housed in first class accommodations.

Between 1960 and 1967, SS Atlantic ran successful cruises between New York, Florida, and the Caribbean, stopping at St. Thomas, Jamaica and other destinations. Her voyages were advertised as Beachcomber Cruises to the Caribbean. She also made 24-day cruises to the Mediterranean. In January 1967, the SS Atlantic ran aground on a sand bar when leaving Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, Florida on a seven-day Caribbean cruise. Tugs required two days to dislodge the ship, which returned to Port Everglades without significant damage. Later in 1967, the vessel was withdrawn from service due to declines in passenger traffic.

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Adventures With John Grand

Our "Practical Joke" Trip - 1974 September

At the time, John & I were both working at First Federal downtown - I was at the main office (Madison & Dearborn) and he was managing the LaSalle & Wacker branch. I'd usually walk over to have lunch with him.

His girlfriend (Marilou Rux) and her friend Theresa (whom I'd dated) had recently departed on a European vacation starting & ending in Luxembourg. They had a Eurail pass and were gonna train it all over Europe and return to Luxembourg the day before their return flight. John had the hotel info for their last night over there.

So one day shortly after they left, John & I were having lunch and he said "Ya know what would be funny? What if they got off the train and a priest walked by that looked just like you?" We laughed and started joking about it over lunch the next few days. After a coupla days I said "I think we're actually gonna do this, aren't we?" We had 3 weeks before they were due back at the hotel.

So we got busy. I already had a valid passport. John went to the Federal Building downtown and submitted an expedited passport request. We made reservations at their hotel for that last nite, and got plane tickets for the same return flight they were on. We decided to go over a week early and drive around in a big circle around Luxembourg while they were on their trains wherever.

Upon arrival, we rented a car and plotted a circular route through Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. We nipped the far SE corner of Belgium en route to Paris. Then straight to Zurich, clipped a corner of Austria on the the way to Munich and the Hofbrauhaus. From there it was a straight shot back to Luxembourg.

We never did the "priest" thing cuz we didn't know what train they'd be arriving on. So we decided to surprise them in the hotel, and we let the clerk know what was up. While waiting that last day, we decided to golf at a course that was said to be Dwight D. Eisenhower's favorite. The clubs we rented had wooden shafts. But no matter - I chipped in a 7-iron for birdie on the first hole I'd ever played in Europe.

When we returned, the clerk told us they'd checked in. We went to their door - I hollered "Mesdemoiselles! Mesdemoiselles! Ouvrez! Ouvrez!" while John knocked on the door. Theresa opened the door and the look on her face made the trip worthwhile. John barged into the room and Marilou started screaming, which quickly subsided when she realized who it was.

We went out to dinner, then got a coupla bottles of wine, and stumbled around a vineyard. Luckily, my Swiss army knife had a corkscrew. The next day we caught our flight and flew home. It had been quite an adventure for us all.

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The 2nd pic was taken from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

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The first pics were in Zurich, and the last 3 are a military convoy we passed along the road.